theres a difference between shipping and being fucking insane

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BOM @ 140418 Incheon Airport (Off to China)


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ABC's of Kang Daesung

D-5 to Daesung’s Birthday (14.04.26)

"Daesung, when he first came, YG just, you know, at first kinda like introduced him as like the ugliest one…when we first heard him sing, it was determined, like ok, that is a very very nice voice. He became like the most popular. I remember fans dropping off gifts for him and everything like that you know, ‘this is for Daesung? This is for Daesung too?’" - Danny (1TYM), MNET Headliner Series

  • going to school: late
  • going to a doctors appointment: late
  • going to a dentist appointment: late
  • going to my friends house: late
  • going to a party: late
  • going to a concert: 8 hours early

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"He has the ability to suck the fun out of anything.”


people who make you feel better about yourself when you’re sad are so important 

Some precious moments of Bangtan being BIGBANG fanboys. trans